Beacon Licensing Options

We offer products for developers and products for traditional users.

For developers: Beacon Core, Base & Standard The Beacon Core platform enables our clients’ internal developer teams to put analytics and applications into the hands of business people who use them to drive revenue. Beacon Base and Beacon Standard extend Beacon Core with a broad suite of financial analytics, which give developers a jump start on building proprietary analytics. In the Beacon Core, Beacon Base and Beacon Standard licensing option, Beacon supports our clients’ developer teams in building and supporting proprietary applications for their users in Beacon.

For users: Beacon Plus. Beacon Plus expands the Beacon Standard offering even further with analytics and applications for traditional users such as VaR, CVA and CTRMS functionality.

All our products include b-IaaS, a suite of software-defined infrastructure services. b-IaaS dynamically requests, deploys and shuts down all infrastructure required for running Beacon on an as-needed basis from the cloud provider and/or from local servers, efficiently minimizing hardware costs. b-IaaS Infrastructure management is automated and replicable, minimizing infrastructure admin costs. b-IaaS includes comprehensive disaster recovery and security services, maximizing security and reliability.

b-IaaS is not only about optimal cost and efficiency, it also helps transform how our clients use technology: The seamless integration of these services within Beacon Core helps unleash developers’ creative potential, since it enables them to more freely experiment with new analytics and to instantly deploy applications to end users. It also enables front office users to leverage more analytics in real-time, since the necessary computing power is always readily available.

Beacon Core is what we call an “enterprise innovation platform”: a development and research environment for business-aligned developers that makes it easy for them to experiment with new analytics; a production environment where business users run tools that use those analytics; and a robust process for releasing changes into the production environment that satisfies modern enterprise technology control requirements that still allows for innovative and iterative development of new functionality. This product is not industry-specific; for example, many businesses have built in-house data science teams and struggle to get them connected with business users who can turn their ideas into revenue. Beacon Core is designed to help them make that link.

The integration of b-IaaS within Beacon Core enables our clients to “move to the cloud”, i.e., clients use Beacon Core to build their own software and applications and manage their data in the cloud.

Beacon Standard extends Beacon Core with a broad suite of reference financial analytics for modeling most modern financial markets and the products that trade in those markets, including trade life cycle events, risk and PnL reports. These analytics are contained within the modules b-Markets and b-Trades. Beacon Standard is the recommended option for financial institutions or trading organizations with in-house developer teams who want to quickly build proprietary trading and enterprise risk analytics in Beacon.

Beacon Base is a version of Beacon Standard with a more limited set of financial analytics, notably removing the b-Trades module containing trade life cycle events, risk and PnL reports from Beacon Standard. Beacon Base may be suitable for example for large financial institutions with substantial in-house developer teams who already have well-functioning proprietary trading and enterprise risk analytics, and who are looking to leverage Beacon for advanced front office analytics.

Beacon Plus adds end-user applications and advanced analytics on top of Beacon Standard. It is comprised of a suite of products which can be licensed individually such as Beacon CTRMS, Beacon VaR and Beacon XVA. Beacon CTRMS is a Commodity Trading and Risk Management System which let commodities traders and risk managers analyze ideas before the trade, manage trade booking and feeds to and from external systems, calculate and view portfolio risk for hedging. Beacon VaR and Beacon XVA are powerful cross-asset applications for firm-wide risk calculations such as Value at Risk and CVA/DVA, respectively. Beacon Plus is suitable for clients who want to leverage the advanced functionality provided by b-Apps. Crucially, Beacon Plus clients can have the best of both worlds: Powerful functionality for in-house developers as provided by Beacon Standard as well as fully featured applications provided by Beacon.