Beacon Platform Product Integration

The seamless integration across all of these components enables the virtuous cycle from diagram 1. From our perspective, developers and “traditional” users are both users of the Beacon Platform. They interact differently with the different parts of the Beacon Platform, but the boundaries are much less rigid, the transitions much more fluid.

The set of available Beacon Applications is continuously expanding, as both Beacon and Beacon partners build additional functionality on top of existing functionality in Beacon Core and Beacon Modules.

Our clients can license Beacon Core on a standalone basis and select to add only the Modules and Applications they need.

We have integrated market data within the Beacon Platform. That means that, once a Beacon client has acquired the necessary market data license from the third party market data provider, we can immediately make this market data available to our client within Beacon. The data is stored in the cloud through Beacon Core functionality, logically integrated with reference data and financial analytics through Beacon Modules, and accessible to traditional users through Beacon Applications.

Implementing and Integrating the Beacon Platform

Since the Beacon Platform is entirely cloud based and runs in a standard browser, our clients do not need to purchase any hardware or install any software. The Beacon Platform even includes a large set of market data, so a new Beacon client can immediately start leveraging Beacon. We help our clients with integrating their existing market and trade data with the Beacon Platform, either through a feed from existing data sources or by moving functionality for market data ingestion or trade capture directly in the Beacon Platform, leveraging the Beacon Platform as the primary market data and / or trade data warehouse.

Beacon Components Diagram

Over time, Beacon clients build out proprietary functionality within the Beacon platform. Our technology stack enables our clients to leverage modern yet proven technology, including open source technologies, within the Beacon platform (see diagram). All client source code and client data are securely segregated and permissioned.

At the same time, we appreciate that Beacon never exists in isolation. We have substantial experience in rapidly integrating Beacon with our clients’ existing trading and risk management systems landscape, and we provide interfaces to SQL, C# and Excel.

Integrating and deploying a new system is always a daunting and risky proposition. However, most of our clients already use a variety of tools for their internal development needs, including Matlab, Excel, C# and SQL. When clients first start using the Beacon Platform, it can be viewed as just another tool that is being added to their existing toolset. Clients can adopt and / or built functionality within Beacon opportunistically and dynamically, driven by their own commercial needs. This is a stark contrast to traditional TRM system integration or replacement projects.