Beacon Platform Overview

Beacon Cycle Diagram
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Our open technology platform Beacon helps our clients create a virtuous cycle of rapid technical innovation, implementation and commercial success.

The virtuous cycle is fueled by rapid iterative development and deployment of applications (b-Apps) and business logic (b-Modules) through smartly integrated infrastructure services (b-Core).

Traditional users (traders, originators, risk managers etc) run Beacon applications (b-Apps) ] in a browser on their local desktop, laptop, i-Pad or Android phone. No installation or special hardware is required, everything just works. Each time a user runs an application, the application automatically establishes a secure connection to b-Core in the cloud to run (auto-request). b-Core automatically spins the required hardware up and down. Hardware costs are only incurred for actual usage time.

Traditional users provide feedback to developer teams to request application support, enhancements or custom analytics.

Developers support existing applications and innovate by developing new applications, extending existing applications or providing custom analytics to the trading desk. b-Core provides the required services to enable efficient collaborative development, including the automatic provision of hardware for developers to run analytics and test applications (auto-request) and the ability to deploy a new application to users across the globe within seconds.

b-Apps include powerful analytics and tools such as trade blotter, marking and structuring tools, risk and PnL reports etc. for traditional users (non-developers).

b-Modules contain the source code for all business logic underlying b-Apps. This source code is fully visible to our clients, making it easy for our clients’ internal developer teams to customize and build new analytics and application on top.

b-Core contains all the services developers need to efficiently build, deploy and support applications, including all the infrastructure required by users to run all beacon applications in the normal course of business

Overview At the highest level, the Beacon Platform is made up of three components: Beacon Core, Beacon Modules and Beacon Application.
Beacon Core b-Core contains:
- Collaborative, secure development environment with enterprise-class controls
- Integrated comprehensive data warehouse and data management solution
- Easy access to large-scale elastic cloud compute
- Process automation for End-of-day framework
- Agile app development and deployment framework
- Infrastructure-as-a-Service:
- All infrastructure required for running Beacon is auto-requested on as-needed basis from AWS
- Infrastructure is managed through software, hence automated and replicable
- Comprehensive disaster recovery and security services
Beacon Modules b-Modules contain:
- Integrating market data and reference data as time series
- Definition of end-of-day framework
- Cross-asset financial analytics for pricing, risk and PnL for vanilla and structured Products
- Trade life cycle events
- Enterprise risk analytics such as VaR, CVA, PFE
Beacon Applications b-Apps include:
- Realtime risk and PnL reports
- Ability to run risk and PnL reports as of historical trade date or historical market data date or forward looking pricing date
- Ability to share pre-trade scenarios and/or market data scenarios between traders and originators
- Marking tools
- Historical VaR Report with full repricing of all trades, automated daily archiving at EOD plus intraday incremental VaR on pre-Trades
- CVA (Credit Valuation Adjustment), DVA (Debit Valuation Adjustment) and PFE (Potential Future Exposure) charts and metrics