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Third party technology or data companies can develop and offer their products and services within the Beacon Platform.

Beacon Components Diagram

Data providers can enhance their business value proposition by integrating Beacon analytics with their data. This enables the market data provider to quickly demonstrate the usefulness of their data to prospective clients. In addition, we can provide immediate access to their data to any Beacon client simply by changing a permission setting within the Beacon Software, without the need to first physically create the data within the client environment and to then integrate the data logically with the client’s systems and analytics.

A bank or trading company can use the Beacon Platform to make their in- house analytics and data available to clients: In integrating their offering with Beacon through a dedicated API they can immediately deploy their product to thousands of clients through the Beacon Platform in the cloud.

A TRM system vendor or a risk analytics provider can build the next generation of their offering on top of the Beacon Platform, benefitting from best-in-class analytics in Beacon on top of the Beacon Core functionality. Beacon and the vendor share licensing revenues from end clients.